® GmbH

Engineering Services Since 1992

Founded in 2008,® GmbH emerged from "Engineering office for electrical engineering and information technology Kurt Müller" (1992) and the "MMDNC Uwe Müller" (1997). The company is run and represented by the managing partners Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Kurt Müller and Dipl.-Ing Uwe Müller.

Based in the city of Luckenwalde, in the region Brandenburg / Berlin, is an engineering company for technical consulting, media and systems mbH. Working from an office space of approx. 280 m², the team uses state-of-the art equipment with advanced IT and communications capabilities, which provides access to up-to-date databases, extensive catalogs, and data archives for all areas of business.

The design and development team consists of interdisciplinary graduate engineers specializing in sewage, water and gas systems; heating systems; power installations; telecommunications or information technology; conveyor systems; use-specific or process-technical installations; building automation. For tasks that exceed the planning and development spectrum of® GmbH, we have active and proven connections with research and university institutions, standardization institutions and cooperating companies.

Due to the interdisciplinary and practical experience of the employees, GmbH is an efficient and reliable partner. To fulfill the complex tasks of the client, according to their specific requirements, variant-optimized system solutions are developed, implemented, and monitored over all phases of the HOAI during execution.

Welcome to the®

an engineering company for technical consulting, media and systems mbH

Puschkinstraße 23
14943 Luckenwalde

Telephone: +49 3371 6433-30
Telefax: +49 3371 6433-33
E-Mail: info(at)ibmu(dot)de

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