Research and Development

Overview of applied areas for research and development

Within® GmbH, project experience and competences exist in the most diverse information technology areas.

This includes:

Object-oriented design and software development in C ++ and Java, under the operating systems Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/2008 / 8.x / 2012, Linux KDE / GNOME, Solaris KDE / GNOME

  • Data acquisition systems and data evaluation systems

  • Software and hardware development for real-time applications on PC systems and microcontrollers

  • Software and hardware development for bus systems in susceptible environments, diagnostic and data acquisition systems, video technology

  • Network analysis on levels 1 to 7 of the OSI 7-layer model, network system programming

  • Security architecture, danger prevention

  • Application analysis, system integration

  • Infrastructure analysis InfraOpt®

Research and Development Project InfraOpt®

- Scope of work: Infrastructure analysis, optimization and simulation of data centers
- Operating system: Windows 2008/2012 Server, MS SQL-Server 2008/2012
- Programming interface: Win64
- Application development system: Visual Studio 2010, C++

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Development Project MHEX® NSX Networking Services *

Development Project MHEX® NSS Network Services for Schools 2003 *

- Scope of work: educational / administrative network interface
- Operating system: Windows, Linux, Solaris
- Programming interface: Qt, Gnome, Java, Win32, Win64
- Application development system: JAVA NetBeans, JBuilder, C++ BuilderX

- Scope of work: educational / administrative network interface
- Operating system: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
- Progamming interface: Win32, MS Foundation Classes (MFC), Java
- Application development system: Intel C++ 7.1, JBuilder 9

* The support is discontinued and the MHEX® product family is no longer available!

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