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Today modern scientific planning and simulation methods such as InfraOpt® make it possible to illustrate complex structures of supply engineering. The InfraOpt® service process can be used to design planning models for increased availability, reliability and fault tolerance, or to optimize existing infrastructure.

InfraOpt® is a new methodology and procedure developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin as part of a research and development project.

It is already being used successfully by automotive manufacturers, telecommunications companies, industry and media to optimize your data center supply infrastructure.

Preventive risk management

Risk management, in order to satisfy the requirements necessary for continuous monitoring and improvement, as well as prevention, requires meaningful key figures and data points. By using the InfraOpt® service process, the following metrics can be calculated: reliability, inherent availability, operational availability, and 1- and 2- fault tolerance. These metrics allow for the certification of a planned or operational status. In addition, they serve as a basis for decision-making in variant comparison, investment assessment, and investment planning.

As a result of application-oriented research projects, the metrics "Single Point of Reduced Availability" and "Double Point of Reduced Availability" were introduced. In the context of EN 50600, SPoRA and DPoRA enable the quantification of the reliability or resilience of data centers.

1. Submission

  • Include the design of the Data Center Infrastructure (DCI) based on documentation and plan

  • Inspections by qualified engineers of the data center

  • Transformation of the relevant infrastructure systems into the integral DCI scheme

2. Modeling

  • Illustration of the DCI scheme as a DCI model within the InfraOpt® CAE software

3. Data Preparation

Prepare and group the component data of the DCI model data mapping from the following statistically collected data:

  • Data from manufacturers or suppliers

  • Data from service agreements

  • Data of IEEE Std. 493-2007

4. Analysis

  • Numerical calculation of reliability, inherent and operational availability

  • Determination of fault tolerance by simulation of all possible 1-error points and 2-error combinations

  • Statistical assessments including reliability, availability and fault tolerance

  • Identification of critical paths, subsystems or components

5. Optimization

  • Simulation to improve reliability, availability or fault tolerance

  • Before / After comparison of designs

  • Comparison of redundancies xN + yM at the level of the components or subsystems

  • Validation of emergency and service quality

  • Forecasting reliability throughout the DCI lifecycle

The Service Process in Five Steps

Evaluation Results

Report and Certificate


The InfraOpt® service process is documented and evaluated graphically in a report. Analytically substantiated statements will justify recommendations made for future steps.


On the basis of the report, the certificate "Data Center Infrastructure evaluated by InfraOpt®" is issued.

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